Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

Our factory & office is based in Jaipur- The Jewellery Hub of the country.

Can i customise an order?

Yes, of course. If you have a design in your mind that you'd like to see come to life- just drop us an email at and we'll take it from there!

Do you only sell in wholesale? What is the MOQ that I need to order?

Yes, we're manufacturers. We only sell in wholesale. Usually our MOQ is 25 pieces minimum(not necessarily the same piece, they can be different pieces of Jewellery). Just drop us an email with a snapshot of what you're interested in, and we'll update you on the same.

Are all of your jewellery items handmade?

Almost 85% of our Jewellery is handmade by skilled and dexterous craftsmen from round the country with years of experience.