The Easiest ways to clean your Jewellery (at home)!

Cleaning your #jewellery has always been easy, but cleaning your Jewellery properly has its own challenges. Especially with #COVID-19 (and now possibly what they’re claiming to be COVID-20?!) following us around, we are spending most of our time within just four walls. That being said, not many of us have gotten a chance to take out most of our Jewellery, and unlike us, quarantine for your Jewellery might not be the best in most cases.

Here are a couple of quickes everyone should know to ensure that quarantine doesn’t take a bad toll on your Jewellery-

1. Keeping your Jewellery airtight: It is very important to make sure that your Jewellery isn’t just kept loose in your drawer. It should be kept in zip-lock/airtight boxes to increase its durability. Always remember, the less air your Jewellery gets, the longer it’ll last.

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2. Give your Jewellery a blanket: Try to give your Jewellery its own blanket- wrap it in cotton/ felt. Mostly, felt cloth becomes a better pick in most cases, mainly because it helps absorb excess moisture and keeps your Jewellery safe.

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3. The Good Ol’ Dish Detergent & a soft toothbrush: Yep, that’s right. Old is, indeed, Gold (pun intended). This solution is probably one of the oldest and the most reliable ways to clean your Jewellery. The best part? You can do this at home without any assistance. Just take some dish detergent, and mix some water in it to make a solution. Let your Jewellery item rest in it for a couple of minutes (a few hours, if it’s too dirty). When your timer rings, take it out, and gently tap the Jewellery item with a soft toothbrush. Make sure that the bristles don’t scratch your Jewellery.

Yadaa! Your Jewellery is shining as bright as the first time you set your eyes on it!

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4. Lukewarm Water: Well, we had a brief conversation with all of our Jewellery items last night and they told us that the more lukewarm (not hot) showers we give them, the happier they are, and the longer they get to live. We have set an alarm for every 15 days, to rinse our Jewellery in lukewarm water for a couple of seconds. We think you should too.

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These are few of the easiest ways to clean your Jewellery on your own. You should, however, definitely contact your local Jeweller if you feel that your Jewellery is too dirty for any of the above methods to perform their magic.

You can even reach out to us at with any questions and/or more information. We have a special team waiting eagerly to help you out with any such questions.

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